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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
I have the "Wharton's Stretch Book" another book on AIS stretching. Are you familiar with it and is the Matte's method any different or have much different material?

You also make a good point about how time consuming yoga is and if you could get the same benefits from a 15 minute stretch routine why do 30 - 45 minutes of yoga.
The Wharton's book is an inferior explanation of the Mattes Method. The illustrations are poor and the explanations incomplete. I own a copy but am quite dissatisfied with it.

The Mattes book is more in depth and complete. It is technically dense. A good working knowledge of conversational kinesiotherapist is recommended.

The complete head to toe Mattes Method takes about three hours. So, I just pick and choose what I feel I have time for and need most and do that each day depending on my schedule, usually 3-15 minutes.
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