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Originally Posted by Ben Fury View Post
The Wharton's book is an inferior explanation of the Mattes Method. The illustrations are poor and the explanations incomplete. I own a copy but am quite dissatisfied with it.
Those were my initial thoughts of the Wharton's book. Not sure why it is so popular. I guess because there are not a whole lot of competing AIS books out there.

Let me add, I also thought it was very amusing they have this elaborate section in the back of the book about sport specific stretching which I thought was a joke and a bunch of fluff. The book is basically divided into approx 5 stretch routines for each part of body, i.e. legs, neck, shoulders, arms. So the idea behind the sport specific section is you pick a sport like football and they tell you to do section 1,3 and 5 for example. The silly part was that for 95% of the sports listed in the back of the book, the answer was to complete sections 1,2,3,4, and 5, or in other words just do the whole book. Which didn't really add much value to the text.
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