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I just found a thread on rippatoe's Q&A on strengthmills regarding Hip flexor soreness. His response to the gentleman asking the question was that it is a form and technique problem for which the answer is on page 45 of his book, Starting Strength.

I am not sure if I buy into that answer. I have reviewed that page in his book several times which basically says there are two causes to hip flexor pain, (1) knees traveling too far forward (remember we are talking LBBS here not HBBS for which knees forward is acceptable) or (2) collapsing at the bottom.

From the tone of Rip's response, he seemed pretty confident those are the only two reasons anyone's hip flexors would ever be sore and if your hip flexors are sore you are a moron for doing squats wrong.....

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I can tell you all the soreness I had left when I quit stopping short of full depth and learned to use the stretch reflex correctly.
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,,,Do any of you all see anything in there that would clue you in on why my hip flexors are constantly sore....I think they have been better over the last couple weeks. but they still get sore quite a bit even when my quads and everything else is recovered.
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