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When I was following the highbryd I often did O-Lifts in a timed repetition patern for maybe 10-15 min. sometimes I would get greedy and do 20+ min. but if I wasn't carefull I would end up needing to back off or take an extra rest day later in the week. I would use percentages of max and do acending sets on the minute or two minute sometimes ending in a heavy sigle for the day very rarely my 1RM. I think there was some reference to this style in one of the posts by Gant anyhow I got the idea from some of the WODs on Mikes Gym . When wanting to test the O-lifts 1RM I would typicaly reverse the O-Lift and slow lift portions of the day and the do some moderate Slow lifts or Oly asistance exercises at a moderate volume maybe 5x3 or even explosive rack squats either front or back 8x3. I also would test on a day with no metcon often on the 4th WO of the week after a rest day.

Thats what I did
Play around and have some fun.
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