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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Honestly I never found anyone else but Poliquin to say this....but he believes that using large doses of Lglutamine (30g+) helped to release insulin by the body without needing all the sugar intake. A way for people who may be "carb sensitive" aka...put on the fat quicker with higher carbs or PWO sugar still use the insulin spike to help shuttle more protein into the muscles while also maintaining a lean body fat %. I honestly can't remember if he did add any additional carbs to the PWO drink for glycogen replenishment as well.

That's a little too expensive a trick for me to try out at this point....but Poliquin usually has some good results and experience to back up his claims.
glutamine is also easily converted to glucose and i think can be of benefit with regards to glycogen replenishment...Ido? Ido?
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