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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Ben, This problem also goes back to another thread in flexibility you and I have been discussing regarding AIS. Below is the answer to your above question. Tell me which of the below you would like to see video of and I will take one for you.

Warmup: Up until a couple weeks ago, I generally do an elaborate, approx 10 minute, warmup which incorporates various styles of lunges (i.e. lunges with twist, backward lunges, side lunges), various glute bridges (i.e. glute bridge single leg, or marching) some rotational work (lying supine with knee or leg rotating the lower half of torso from side to side), and so forth. I quit this a couple weeks ago because the STarting strength Routine I had been doing requires several Squat warmup sets starting from just the bar at 45lbs and working up to my work sets. As a result, I cut out my elaborate warmup routine and traded it for 5 minutes on the C2 rower.

During workout:
Between sets of squats I usually do this one stretch where you are on one knee in a lunge position and lean torso forward to stretch hip flexor while keeping torso nice and tall. I never stretch and hold during a workout, but I do reps with about a 1- 2 second hold of about 5 reps on each leg.

After workout: Not necessarily immediately after a workout but on recovery days I do the static stretch and hold similar to the during workout stretch above except I'll put my foot on a bench so it hits my quads and hip flexors.
I like the rower (I do 2-3 minutes) but I also do a dynamic range of motion warm-up following that. You might want to add that to your warm-up.

Here is a vid:
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