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Originally Posted by Jeff
I have a fairly simple philosophy when it comes to training. Never miss a workout and focus your effort on your weaknesses. That said...

Since you are having trouble with the clean, I would put the majority of effort into the squat clean itself. What I noticed last night was a non-level pull and a non-level/rotated squat under. That is OK with maximal weights, but you were sub-maximal at 100 KG. May I suggest some deliberate progressions of 3 sets of 1 with with, for example, 90 - 92.5 - 95 - 97.5 -100, etc. stopping your progression not when you fail but when your form starts to fail. You may do more singles with your last good effort weight if you wish.

As far as assistance exercises, I was going to suggest bent over rowing pulling the bar not to your chest but to your lower abdomen. This will give you the constant feel of being "over the bar" which will definitely help your pull in both the clean and the snatch. Start light and keep the reps in the 6 -10 range. Be careful not to strain your lower back. Stop at the first sign of any pain or tightness. Use both a wide (not quite snatch) and narrow (clean) grip.

Deadlifts, in moderation, are always good. Do them heavy for a few sets (no more than 3 heavy sets) once a week. The other exercises you mention are good to, but I would only do one assistance exercise. If you do a lot of cleans, then more than one assistance exercise is too much. Remember this -- if you can't deadlift it, you can't clean it!

Since you are not getting pinned with the weights you are cleaning yet you may want to reduce your squatting as you may be increasing your squat cleaning significantly. You can't go crazy on the squats and the squat cleans at the same time, so go a little lighter on your squatting for a while. I think you will find yourself moving under the bar in a smoother, more efficient and more comfortable manner as the excess tonus dissipates from your legs, but it will take a few weeks for you to notice the transition. You must be patient.
I must say, session one of the clean progression was stimulating, without sucking.
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