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Hams somewhat sore (dead center), traps, glutes a tad.

The following happens when I have more than four Hot Rox a day: headache (dull and mainly around the periphery of anterior/lateral to temples), gum-ache, and antsiness.


Rest. Did about four rounds of Tabata calf raises in evening, fairly leisurely, no shoes, passive rest. 2 Hot Rox (at once) only.

Basically broke down in evening per diet (after three shakes total today). Went to Italian place down the street and had a fantastic meal. A few pieces of bread, caprese (buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parma ham, basil), seafood gnocchi (crustaceans, brandy tomato sauce), tiramisu. Just what I needed. Dunno what was up.

Tried a few TKEs with a band (the bike innertube) around the table leg. Man, ye old caps are tracking out like heck.


Just two Hot Rox (one dose).

Weighed at gym in underwear only, about 178. I guess probably includes glycogen after yesterday's meal.

Ran out of Metabolic Drive and using other protein until reinforcements arrive (probably tomorrow). Not tasty.


Tabata calf raises post. No shoes, passive rest, 4 rounds, timed.
30 30 30 24
Actually sort of impressive progress on these although I may have been using a slightly shorter ROM than usual. Also tried to hit some different angles in different reps (outside, inside, etc.)


BS (high bar)
loosened up, bar. feels fine.
135 feeling left knee a bit
155 good. feeling knees. decided to go deep on these (ass to ground pretty much) just for kicks.
175x4 deep. knees.
195x5 9.78 deep. knees. challenging. some butt rise.
195x5 9.84 buttrise. knees. still in control though.
195x5 9.86 rack hurting traps.
Not the best of days.

Saw a CFer pulling and decided to jump in. He was already up a bit in weight so I just joined him, not the smartest thing.
215x5 damn, why'd he put on the octagonal 45s, thing won't roll...
235x3 fine... feeling twingey in the adductors some. shoulda warmed up the motion more.
295x2 pretty heavy
295x3 9.8 decided to just work at this weight. was thinking 5 but body actually said stop (mostly lower back but also grip -- dang sweaty and actually needed chalk but oh well).
So... deads right after back squats... challenging. Lumbar's quite tight.

Weighted dips
35x5 9.88 all doable
Probably could've gone a little heavier across. All on bars with palms slightly in, DB squeezed between thighs, torso vertical as possible.


Hung from bar and moved through various L orientations -- straight L, alternating one-leg, straddle, tucked, back to hang, that sort of thing until soft failure. Three rounds.


Nothing on the knees but otherwise normal. Dislocates, quads.


Full Hot Rox and diet.

Lats, traps, triceps sore from dips, hips (mainly glutes) a little from squats/deads, groin a bit, and tragically, knees. Calves somewhat sore from Tabatas.

Went to gymnastics on a whim. Was thinking of just fooling around but ended up going fairly heavy. Found the Total Gym with ring grips there and did some cross pullouts and butterflies, propped up on bench, and also with 60lb DB in knees. Not bad; thinking of doing cross training again. Saw an article an T-Nation from Sommers on using DBs (hang from bar), could be interesting. Played with some front levers on there too and some other stuff.

Also a bit of ring work (some swings, general fooling around, tuck front levers, couple muscleups, archer pullups, etc.), some pbar swings and stuff, some fooling around on a highbar, hung for time with straps straps from a bar until bored, some dragon flags and reverse hypers off a pig, bit of inlocate technique work, bit of handstand practice, some L-sits and hangs (some with 10lb on feet), played like I was going to muscle-up with 60lb (after everything else, that was lol), that sort of crap.

Definitely noticing an upper body work when got home, suffered through a cold shower to try to take the edge off. Very hungry again.
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