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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
It sounds like you might be a little unsure of what I'm trying to communicate (which may be my fault) - In no way am I suggesting there be no TVA activation - I want EVERYTHING activated. The difference is the position we're in when those muscles are activated. We can either suck in our gut and look skinny while tightening those muscles, or we can begin from a wider base position by first expanding to allow more air intake. In other words, we're still cinching everything down - we just will never get to that hollow position because the torso is pressurized with air to a larger girth first. We are NOT pushing the abs out during a lift - only before taking in air.
It finally dawned on me after I watched your seminar video last night. I bought the video last week. Your section on breathing in the video explained it.

Basically to sum my first post, the two options are:

1. Hollowing out and clamping down.
2. Expanding and clamping down.

I can buy into the expanding and clamping down now. Also, do I need to be concerned with hyperextension versus neutral spine. That was kind of what I was getting at in my original post.
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