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Thanks for that Greg and Glenn. pretty cogent's a sideline hypotetical, how do you deal with somone who's PL or SM, strong but has shitty technique at the oly lifts. I'm thinking every heavy or super heavy SM competitor I know who wants to improve his explosive pulls.

Guys like this pull from about 7 million different positions and recieve the weight in a split, a splot or a jerk seemingly at random. Would you use the same advice to refine their pull and recieving positions?

On the one hand, I could see the argument of taking it back to zero and breaking every bad habit he's got but on the other hand, he's tossing 300 pounds of bb, axle or log into the rack whenver he wants and these implements are never going to behave properly. On the other hand, you can SM guys like Misha that pull heavy deadlifts that look like a clean pull with very little rounding at all.

It's sort of a different question but what's your experience here?
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