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Default Keto-adaptation

Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
Try that and see what happens. Other things you can do are to move most of the carb blocks PWO and to look at subbing fat for carb (unless performance suffers).
If you take carbs low enough you'll go ketogenic and you'll get a temporary performance dip as the body goes through keto-adaptation. This lasts anywhere from 1-4 weeks and can include some uncomfortable side effects. Keeping sodium/potassium sufficiently elevated helps alleviate this some.

Once fully keto-adapted, performance returns to near normal. The only thing that tends to suffer is extreme top end endurance intensity. Cutting back on training volume a little usually makes up for this without affecting performance significantly.

Keeping protein up will also help since your PRO will end up supplying the carbs your body wants through gluconeogenesis.
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