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Greg has an excellent video for sale in this websites store which does a really good job of demonstrating his teaching method. I would recommend it.

I am doing a training seminar in April along with Alex Krychev (1972 Olympic silver medalist from Bulgaria then assistant coach on the Bulgarian national team for a number of years) Martin Pashov (former bulgarian national team member, now training in the US and trying to get citizenship, currently doing around 165/200 as a 105kg lifter) and some others, and we plan on making a video of the seminar. It will feature both Krychev and myself demonstrating how we teach the lifts, as well as planning workouts, etc. You can read more about it on the website.

I am not sure yet how the video of our seminar will turn out, but it might be good. The opportunities to learn about the Olympic lifts, be it in person or via videos, just keep growing.

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