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Default Grip Training for Olympic Lifting

I have never looked in this category in the CA forum before. I was going to do some research on the topic of Grip Training for Olympic Lifting, but it took me about 30 seconds to read over all the thread topics in this category and there didn't appear to be a topic started related to Grip Training for Olympic lifting.

I think My grip is limiting my snatches. This dawned on me yesterday as I was doing some snatch grip deadlifts using 225lbs with lifting straps. 225lbs felt incredibly light with the lifting straps securing my hands to the bar. I think I could have easily snatched 225 with the straps yet my Snatch PR is only 206lbs. So my conclusion was I have some serious work to do on my grip.

How are O'Lifters training grip? I thought about investing in some Captains of Crush supplies from iron mind. Iron mind sells these mini grip things that are for training one or two fingers at a time. I wonder if those would be the best investment for an O'Lifter since we only use the pointer and index finger with the hook grip, and as Everett says, the other fingers are just along for the ride.

But I was also wondering if one would get wierd carpal tunnel type problems from just focusing grip work on two fingers.....
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