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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
In all honesty, I haven't heard of any olympic weightlifters having issues with grip strength. The hook grip is a little uncomfortable at first, but in my experiences, rock solid. I've clean grip Dl'd into the 400's without problems, and my grip is on the weak side when it comes to strongman stuff.
Never been an issue with my clean's and I clean a lot more than I can snatch. Also, with Deadlifts I use hook grip up to about 315lbs or so then I usually need to switch over to straps. Not that I can't pull more than that from the floor with hook grip but when deadlifting greater than 315lbs I start to lose focus on the mechanics of legs, back, and hips due to trying to maintain grip.

Those snatch grip deadlifts I did yesterday just felt extremely light with the straps as compared to when I'm trying to pull from a snatch grip without the straps. That was only reason I thought grip may be problem.
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