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Originally Posted by Adam Gagliardi View Post
I pretty much never "train" grip...i do farmers, dont use straps, use thick bars, etc.
I'm with jacob on the hook grip....start doing all your work with the hook, it should catch up pretty quick

I'm sure one of the more accomplished OLY folks will respond
Side note, I do use hook grip all the time for Snatches and CJ, even when I am pulling light warmup weights. I reserve straps for heavy deadlifts or in the case I am trying to work some particular form/technique and I don't want to be pre-occupied with grip. That was what I was doing with Snatch deadlifts. I had wanted to focus on pulling from the floor and keeping my torso more upright and knees flared during the pull. So I put on the straps so as not to have to worry about grip.
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