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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Side note, I do use hook grip all the time for Snatches and CJ, even when I am pulling light warmup weights. I reserve straps for heavy deadlifts or in the case I am trying to work some particular form/technique and I don't want to be pre-occupied with grip. That was what I was doing with Snatch deadlifts. I had wanted to focus on pulling from the floor and keeping my torso more upright and knees flared during the pull. So I put on the straps so as not to have to worry about grip.
thats precisely what i would do........wasnt trying to sound like a d***....i just think people waste too much time training the grip, and it's easy to overtrain the grip's a good one...once a week, use the hook on pullups, and just hang there, go for time...beat it next weak
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