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I think your performance slip can easily be tracked down. I like to think I'm pretty decent at this stuff.
I had been running in my Vibrams, but I purchased the Mizuno Wave Universe 2.0 for the PFT. I had a normal workout week, minus the running because of the pain I had in my shins and feet.
Pain in your feet/shins after changing shoes that make it difficult if not impossible to run in the style you had trained in up to that point? No way! This race day (or race week) change is likely completely responsible for your run time being poor. Don't do that one again, no matter what anyone says about your Vibrams. If you had the pain in your feet/shins before the PFT, and after you switched to the Mizunos, your culprit is obvious. I don't care if Michael Jordan wore a new pair of shoes every game, at least he always wore the same shoes!
I didn't get a good night's sleep for the PFT because I had to wake up at 4 am and drive 1.5 hrs down to San Diego.
Poor sleep the night before and a long AM drive sure aren't going to help matters. I had a similar situation before my TSC (we drove from Tucson to Chula Vista CA in the very wee hours of the morning, something like an 8 hour drive to be at the comp. by 10am). I was used to supplement stimulants (back then ephedrine and caffeine were used), so those helped me shake out the cobwebs. I still could feel the fatigue from poor sleep, in the back seat of a car, no less.
I had some eggs and a banana in the morning, so I don't think potassium was an issue with the cramping.
If you don't normally experience cramping, then my guess is that the shoe change, lack of sleep, and your caffeine naivete is what did it in combination.
Do you think that the cold weather made my legs heavy?
Not really, only for the first part of the run, unless you were way underdressed.
I couldn't do POSE running at all because my legs were dead.
I believe you couldn't do it because of your shoe change.
Maybe the crunches fatigued my hip flexors?
Possibly. To avoid this in the future, if the PFT always goes in the same order, always do your crunches before you run. That's a simple problem to fix.
I usually run after 9 am, so usually it's not too cold. With the PFT, I didn't have my usual warmup jog and it was 7 am, so it was pretty cold. I did a lot of joint mobility work to warmup though.
Next time bring a jump rope, problem solved.
Anyways, I think I had a Mark Twight moment for like the second time, except this time I wasn't CrossFitting. I think I actually need to build up my aerobic base again before I focus most of my running on interval training. I guess specificity, even for training for the military, can be pretty important.

Another sad thing about this is that I'm incredibly sore in my shins, feet, and quads from running that slow.
I think your training was plenty adequate. I think your "race day" preparation was an example of a bunch of things not to do, and you paid the price. If you learn from this experience it will likely never happen again.
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