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Default Strength Training for Boxing and Kick Boxing

I did find some stuff when I searched but it didn't quite give me the specifics I was looking for.

The basic question is how strong should someone be in either of these sports?

What movements are most important? and

What volume is appropriate when?

The gist I have gotten from the search is that most strength building should be done at least 16 weeks before a fight or season. MEBB style leading into 2 weeks prior and ending with Metcon conditioning.

Also I get the impression at no time should the strength schedule bite into the volume of skills and sports specific training. So my impression is that as long as sparing and skills work aren’t interrupted then strength should be maximized as much as possible up until the point metabolic conditioning needs to be brought back into play to prepare for competition.

If all that is about rigth then the biggest question is MMA aside just boxing and Kick boxing what movements are most important as far as lifts. Gregg Everret said sticking only sports meant strength was less important if this is the case what level of strength is on the high side of sufficient before becoming un-necessary
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