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In a situation like that, we will basically do maintanence work on the squats for a while. But usually in this situation, you find a guy with a a big backsquat, and no front squat. Pretty common for an ex-powerlifter type. So if thats the case, we will let the back squat ride for a while, and do all or almost all the squat work on the front squat and try to get that up to par. Ive seen quite a few guys who came on board with big back squats, like in the 600lb range, who couldnt stand up with a 275lb clean. Seems odd but it happens.

And these guys all dont like the programming, because they miss the heavy benches, deadlifts, and squats, they miss the feeling of training hard... because they arent doing that anymore, and they arent good enough on the Olympic lifts to really use heavy weights or really challenge themselves from a strength standpoint. So we try to find "strength lifts" which are more appropriate to OLing. RDL's, overhead squats if they can do them, push presses or military presses, front squats, etc. They can do these "slow" movements and they can push themselves and get the same feelings they got from bench presses and deadlifts, it helps the transition both mentally and physically from the powerlifting workouts to the OL workouts.

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