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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
Yes. If you're worried about gaining fat keep you carb intake fairly high in order to replenish your glycogen stores between workouts and control your calories by manipulating your fat intake as this is the macronutrient most likely to be stored as fat when consumed in excess.

Note: I know this is contrary to what most people on this board will tell you but any decent book on sports nutrition will confirm what I said.
"Any decent book on sports nutrition"? Name me one that can stand up to scrutiny. The high carb nonsense has run its course and is falling into the dust bin of failed metabolic theories where it belongs.

Carbohydrate directly converts to triglycerides in the liver and is most readily stored as fat.

"Fortunately, elevated triglycerides is one of the easiest problems to correct with the appropriate diet. Simple restriction of all sugars and grains."
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