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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
The second is much better. The key is moving the knees, hips and shoulders together - in your first set, you're extending your knees without equivalent movement of the hips and shoulders - in other words, you're lifting your hips too fast.
Thanks Coach!! I am surprised you noticed the difference between the two sets. I could hardly tell. I remember watching the first set on video between sets and then consciously trying to keep more upright torso the rest of the sets.
Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Work on arching that back more - you're pretty soft.
I think that workout was the day we were having the Transverse abdominus discussion. Before you explained to me why hyperextension when pulling is good and neutral spine when pressing is good. I was probably trying to maintain a neutral spine on that pull.

BTW, my knee was acting up the last couple days. So my workout today was bring my laptop to the garage, put in your DVD, and do your DVD with a 45lb bar skipping over anything that required a deep squat. It was a killer workout and I definitly worked my hook grip over quite a bit. Skin is coming off of one of my thumbs. I couldn't resist doing a couple work sets of snatch afterwards even with the bum knee. I did 2 x 155lbs pretty easily.
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