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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
Something went horribly wrong, whether it was the coffee or not. I am sure I have the conditioning to run faster than 33:35. I could do that with zero running. I was hoping for about 23 min.

On a side note, I was doing the interval protocol in one of Brian MacKenzie's CFJ articles, prescribing 8 x 200 m intervals (total 1 mile) with 3 min rest and lowering the rest until you get down to 1 min. Then, you lower the interval time by 1-2 sec and up the rest again and work back down to 1 min. According to those calculations, I started off based on a 24 min 3-mile time. I started at 3 min rest and worked down to 1 min rest. It was all easy until I did the intervals with 1 min rest, which caused all my recent leg problems (probably because I was already tired that day).

I am wondering whether with a protocol such as this, whether I should have had a good aerobic base prior to implementing this.
I like 8x200 a lot, but for something like a 5k I prefer active recoveries to static recoveries most of the time. My favorite is run 200 meters at about mile pace and recover with a 100 meter jog in the same amount of time. Start with about 8 reps and work up to 12-16. I'll also do run 800/ jog 400. Or you can just do a fartlek where you run a couple miles at a comfortable pace with a few periods of faster running mixed in.

The 200/100 workout is basically a Billat 30-30 workout:

You need to be a little careful with the interval work. You might recover enough aerobically to complete the next round, but your legs might not be recovered enough to run with proper form. That's when injuries occur. I usually stop with a couple rounds left in the tank.
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