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Default High Calorie Day

I've been looking around here/Greg Everett's book and have read when you diet to have one day where you boost the calories in order to keep your metabolism going. Question is, how often is this day? What should the increase in calories be?

I'm looking to lose about 15 pounds after baseball season ends here at college before I graduate (about 6 weeks) and before I catch my first ship in the Navy. I enjoy Olympic Weightlifting tremendously, but I need to make sure I can do the Navy fitness test with ease. I know going from the high 180's (at 5'8") to 170 would be a huge help, plus at my current weight I need to be taped to ensure I'm within body fat standards. I am, but would prefer to forgo the taping. If I was doing cycling/running/track intervals 5-6 days a week would I cut the weight? Surefire way to overtrain? Anyway to incorporate the OW in while still cutting weight?

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
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