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Smile A couple of questions in regards to Kettlebells

First off. Long time lurker first time poster...been doing some crossfit type workouts for the past 3 to 4 years.

I am a desk jockey and my hobby is surfing, so being a full time cross fitter isn't my thing. I just want to be in the best shape that I can without putting on too much mass. I have a bum knee (tore acl 25 years ago, probably not much cartilage left), so I don't do too much in regards to squats or heavy o lifting.

So, my wife and I just had twins...Needless to say, I won't be going to the gym too often here in the meantime. I want to get some Kettlebells to use at home. I don't know too many techniques, just what I see on the internet. I am thinking of getting 3 kbells. Probably on in the 35lb range one in the 50 lb range and maybe one in the 70 lb range for swings.

I know that I should do a search, but I barely have enough time to ask this question, as all my other time is spent burping, feeding, or changing diapers...Hey that could be a wod Anyways I appreciate anyones help and our guidance as one can only do so many pullups and pushups



Actually, I posted without finishing my question *duh* (lack of sleep) Is it stupid to get 2 kettlebells of the same weight? I'm pretty sure that when using k bells you do one arm at a time for most exercises. I was thinking that I might use them similarly as one would dumbbells...Money is an issue, so I wouldn't want 2 of everything, was thinking of 2 of the smaller bells.
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