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Qualifier, I am not a coach and the only thing I am certified in is accounting.

Looked like you were sandbagging some for the video. By that I mean you probably could have done a lot more weight. So are you doing O'Lifting for football or another sport or are you trying to be a true O'Lifter. That could have some bearing on the feedback you get.

I don't really have much constructive criticism for you.
Hang Power Snatch = that overhead recieving position looked real nice. All you have to do is sit down into a squat. Lifting shoes would help with that.
Front Squat = only thing I thought you could improve on here is get some lifting shoes because I think the lifted heels would help you to get down into the position of sitting down on your ankles and pushing your knees further forward and torso more upright.

Sorry not much help.
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