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Thank you to all for the candid comments and suggestions. I hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers.

Since going Paleo/Zone, I did learn that lowering daily carbs did not mean I'd drop dead of malnourishment, and hence began the process of cutting my daily intake. What I do know is that 3B/carbs/day make me bonk during daily WODs. Will not go back there! (approaching ketosis, I presume?) I am not directly opposed to ketosis, just can't do it while keeping a heavy WOD schedule during the week. I've since been in the 4-6B/day range, adjusting my daily fats to compensate (per RW, 42 Ways) and this seems to work OK so far....but I always wonder if I am not maximizing my opportunities to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously! I usually don't tinker with the PWO loading too much, since my daily amount was pretty low anyway, and my meal timing is not consistently 30-45 minutes's more like 60 min or a little more- although, on triple mod days, I sometimes bring protein and sw. potatoes to the gym to put in asap. For now, 2x fat seems to work best, as well. It seems I have sufficiently repeated myself, so I'll call it at this juncture, but felt like thanking everyone for all the help.
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