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Well Heck Doug, of course you can come up to God's country and try my bells. I work at Diablo and we have an outage in full force, so I won't have too much free time until then. But if you like, PM me your home e-mail and/or phone and we can get together. Kettlebells are about ideal for a person in your situation of zero spare room. Four square feet of storage space and you have a pretty darned awesome home gym.

I am getting my bells from an RKC instructor who lives and works in San Jose, but he graduated from Paso High and comes down every few weeks. As far as mailorder, the cheapest I have seen is through . Even if you just went for two 35's to start, you can go a pretty darned long ways with that setup alone.

Another option is ( out of SLO. They are located on South Higuera. They sell kettlebells and get them from their main shop in Southern Ca. If one of the guys is going down there he can pick them up on his way back, and you can save on shipping. The stars really have to align for that one, but it is a possibility. Check out both places. Good luck!!

As far as no equipment, there are a few really good body weight web sites out there as well.
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