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Default D. Coaching Vid Back Squat

110kg x5 - 3rd set
I never realize just how long, lanky and skinny I am until I see myself on video.
A little back ground first;

I've been following SS since November and have decided to dedicate this year to lifting, getting stronger and gaining some much needed weight. I've been shooting for a 1.2kg gain per month and have kept on that rate pretty consistently. I've been using the low bar back squat form. About mid-December I started to have some elbow/bicept pain while and after squatting. I had worked up to 117.5 x5x3 and it came to the point where the pain was becoming so unbarable it put me on my hands in knees between sets. After reading a couple posts and articles I decided that I was injured and needed to rest, heal and re-asses my back squat, so I dropped the weight and went on using the high bar back squat. That was about a month ago. In that time I worked up to 110 x5x3 on the HBSS but found everytime I did 110, I was done and couldn't do 110 or anywhere near it the next session. I added front squats to the mix to little remedy.

My elbows had been feeling good so I decided to give the LBBS another try to see how they felt. This video is of my second session at 110 using the LBBS and I haven't experienced any pain in either session. I've been playing around with form and I feel like the bar is really low compared to what I see on other videos; any higher and I lean too much forward and have zero hip-drive. I've also been using a very very narrow grip, it just barely clears my shoulders; I find with it I keep my elbows up that much more. I should have taken a photo of the bar postition on my bar...

LBBS feels a bit more natural but it's such a bitch for me.
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