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First of all, you have great speed - I wish all my athletes moved like that. Your speed is going to be a huge advantage for you.

Overall, these look very good. On the clean, finish a little more at the top of the pull - you cut it short just a little bit, largely because it's light weight and you're so fast to get under the bar. Make sure you're driving with the legs all the way to the bitter end before pulling under.

On the snatches, #2 is better than #1. The main issue is your pull under - you're pretty stiff-armed, so the bar is swinging out as you pull under. Allow the elbows to bend and guide them up and out to the sides as you pull down before turning thme over into the overhead position.

If you want to be a weightlifter, you can come lift for our team any day if you keep that up.
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