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February 21, 2007
Core Performance Movement Prep - New Version
Core Performance Prehab:
Swiss ball crunches - 15#x16
pillar bridge front - narrow stance - 8L/R
Pillar Bridge side - jumping jack - 8L/R
glute bridge - knee bent - 8 L/R
mini band walk - 8L/R
Physio ball Y's and T's - 8 Y's, 8 T's

1 leg squat on bench - 8 left, 8 right
1 legged romanian deadlift - 15#DB's x 5L/R

Steve Shafley's kb complex:
goblet squat +
bootstrapper +
crush press +
2H swing

First round: 12 kg kb
20, 10, 10, 20

Second round: 24 kg kb
15, 5, 10, 15

bootstrapper - 12 kg x 10, x 10

-CPMP- completed in 3:32, the goal is to finish under 7 min.
-CP Prehab- I upped the reps to 8 and still finished under 5 minutes, the goal is done in 8 minutes.
-S.S's complex - Pretty good complex but jumping up to 24 kg's was a mistake on the bootstrapper, I felt like I had very little control on those 5 reps. So I added more practice at the end.
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