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Default Evolving Weights Routine- comments?

So I'm training hard for a BJJ tournament on April 4th. Gives me about a month with my schedule basically looking like this:

Mon- 6pm BJJ
Tues- 7:30am WEIGHTS 8am BJJ
Wed- Noon BJJx2
Thurs- 7:30am WEIGHTS 8am BJJ
Fri- Noon BJJ
Sat- rest day or climbing with friends
Sun- afternoon WEIGHTS + yoga

Thats how it looks on paper, most likely add in a rest day here and there as needed. Weekend weight session potential to get cancelled. So I'm looking at 2-3 (brief) weights sessions per week.

Goals are (a) develop strength that will carry over to BJJ; (b) keep up my overall strength for off-season where i do more gymnastics/climbing/biking; and (c) strengthen my upper back. My 2 day splits look like these, done in supersets due to time restrictions:


Single-leg RDLs

Bench Press / Incline Press
DB Rows

Cuban Press
DB Lying Shoulder Rotations


Pistol Squats

Overhead Press
Weighted Chinups

External Rotations
Face Pulls

I'm usually aiming for 3 sets of each exercise, performed in alternating pairs (supersets), with ascending weight. So for example I'll usually squat something like 10x135, 6x150,3x185 while alternating with single-leg RDLs in the same fashion. I sort of adopted this style from devany's approach cuz it works for quick workouts and then threw in supersets to make it even more time efficient. I doubt this is an optimal setup, especially the sets scheme but I feel kind of lost trying to consider the brevity of the workouts and not wanting to overtrain.

Also worth mentioning- for BJJ workouts: on MWF the classes usually include some pushups & situps & a bit of conditioning stuff, but the TueThurs classes are pretty much just technique with 15-20 min rolling. For down time before/within classes I try to squeeze bridges (front, side, ham) in.

Looking for any critiques/suggestions for me given I have a chance for 2-3 half hour sessions in the weight room.

*link to my food/training log is below to give a more detailed picture of last couple weeks..*
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