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Patrick Yeung
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I think it really depends on your body fat%, but if youre in the 17%+, Id say 10 pounds could be very doable in 6 weeks.

I would look more to your diet than with your exercise. I am currently following an IF diet that is higher in fats/proteins and am burning fat off quite quickly. Even eating huge amounts of food during my eating window, im still undereating by most calorie counts for my weight/energy expenditures, so I throw in 2 days a week where I eat all day. One, is usually high carb, high protein, low fat, the other high fat/high protein, just that im eating it all day.

Cardio may increase your daily calorie deficit, but youll likely loose muscle as well.

Ill let others guide ya with the workouts, but currently, im lifting 3-4 times a week, consisting of less than 10 total sets for 1-9 reps each, all heavy.
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