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Adam Gagliardi
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the gym is in rockville, MD...awesome place.
here's a quote from a LS article:
"First, there is only one way to box squat. `!Pure Power`!
had an article on ways to box squat, but there is only one proven
way: the Westside way. Here's how. First, push the glutes rearwardas far as possible. With a tight back arch to descend to the box.
Push your neck into your traps. Push your knees apart to maximally
activate the hips. When sitting on the box, the shins should be
straight up and down or even past perpendicular. This places all the work on the
hamstrings, glutes, hips, and low back. These are the precise muscle
groups that do a very large percent of the squat. After sitting
completely on the box, some glute and hip muscles are relaxed somewhat. Then
forcefully flex the abs, hips, and glutes and jump off the box.

To ascend correctly, push the traps into the bar first. This
will flex the back muscles, then the hips and glutes, and finally the
legs. If you push with the legs first, you will be in a good morning
position because the glutes will raise first, causing you to bend over.
Remember that where the head goes, the body will follow. Note: Always
push the feet out to the sides, not directly down."
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