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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
Since done in that order, my question would be with regards to compression of the lower back. I found that my lower back began to feel very tight and sore sooner than my shoulders, which I found a little surprising. Granted, I expect there to be a great deal of compressive force generated by overhead loads (obviously), but I would have suspected that the surrounding musculature would withstand this to a reasonable degree.
I didn't read your thread further than the above comment. Coach Everett has a couple responses on a thread I started about activitating the Transverse Abdominus that I think may help your problem. I am paraphrasing but he basically said that for any pulling you want your back set in hyperextension but for any pressing you want your back set in a neutral position. Either way you want a big deep breath to expand your abs and then clamp down your ab muscles and tighten everything up. So how I think this may relate to your problem of lower back soreness, are you hyperextending your back when pressing?
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