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Brian L, I checked out that thread. Interesting minutiae in there to an appreciable level of detail. Those minor things are exactly what I am looking for as I am reasonably confident I have the very rough basics of the lift down.

Dave, thanks for the link. I read another CFJ article on the press from Mr. Starr today that reinforced a lot of those things.

The next point is with regard to wrists specifically. Coach Starr says the following:
"Your wrists must be straight, not cocked; thatís most important. If you have trouble keeping them locked, tape or wrap them."

He stresses this point in both articles. However, the pictures provided of athletes performing the motion clearly show the wrists bent backwards, so that their knuckles large knuckles point toward them. "Straight, not cocked" wrists, particularly taped, in my mind illustrates the form that you would keep with your wrists if you were throwing a punch where the most force translates directly through your knuckles. Literally every picture I saw in the articles, however, contradicts this rule. Perhaps it's a misinterpretation on my part.

And lastly and perhaps incidentally is the ideal grip, namely thumb placement. Is this a matter of comfort / preference or is there an optimal grip for pressing?
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