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My training history is short. I'm 25 now. In high school I played rugby and did a lot of upper body training. Rock climbed in college.

About a year ago, I started basic strength training, i.e. squat, deadlift, pull ups, press, some db benching, learning power cleans and snatches. No bodybuilding style shoulder or trap work. I did a mass phase and went from about 158 to 183, now I'm down to about 175 again and want to get back to around 170. About six weeks ago, I ordered a set of bumpers and rented a garage and started doing greg's wods on this site.

My dad is a pretty muscular guy, and I take after him in that I can add muscle mass pretty quickly, but we are both pretty short and stocky. I'm 5'7". My left shoulder is smaller than my right and has given me trouble in the past. My pressing strength isn't terrible. I pushed press 195 not too long ago and my last strict press was 155x2 awhile ago. I don't know my max shrug, but my best power clean is 215 and squat clean is 225.

I'll try and decipher your stretching recommendations and give it a shot. I have an appointment w/ the orthopedist tomorrow morning and I'll probably be getting some x-rays. I'll keep you guys updated.

Thanks for the help.
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