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To reply to my own question, I found a free CFJ article on the press by Rip:

Aside from having such gems as these:
If youíre trying to relax after a strenuous day in the cubicle, go ahead and do your yoga class, finish up with some seated alternating-arm three-pound dumbbell presses on a balance ball, and have a nice smoothie. But if you want to get strong, itís probably going to involve standing with a heavy bar in your hands.
Pressing a bar overhead develops core strength, and somehow manages to do so without a Swiss ball
... the article also manages to state the following re: wrist positioning and thumb placement:

"The thumbs should be around the bar and the heel of the palm should be as close as possible to the bar, well down away from the fingers so that it is close to the bones of the forearm that will drive it up. In this position the wrist will be tight and flexed slightly back."

That wrist comment specifically seems slightly at odds with what Coach Starr stated, but in line with the aforementioned photos.

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