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Originally Posted by Adam Scheiner View Post
Front Squat= Heavy emphasis on the anterior chain because the bar is in front of you

Overhead squat= Pretty evenly hits both chains because the bar is overhead

High Bar Back squat= More emphasis on posterior chain, but still hits the anterior chain well enough that it really helps the front squat

Low Bar= Predominantly posterior chain with very little anterior chain work, because the bar is so far away
I feel it's closer to this:

Front Squat = Heavy on quads and glutes, medium on abs, light on spinal erectors & hamstrings

Overhead squat = Heavy on quads, glutes, and abs, medium-heavy on shoulders & upper back, light on spinal erectors and hamstrings

High Bar Back squat = Heavy on quads and glutes, medium-light to medium on spinal erectors and hamstrings, light-medium on abs

Low Bar Back squat = Heavy on hamstrings and spinal erectors, heavy-medium on glutes, medium to medium-heavy on quads, medium on abs

Something like that would be more accurate in my opinion. I left out hip flexors and maybe some other stuff like upper back. Of course, to prove all this you'd have to look at some studies, but I don't know if we'd trust any studies without seeing how they had their participants squat.
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