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Default Yet another attempt at getting serious

I've taken ill twice in a short period of time and have been loosing weight. I need to get my diet on track.

I've been reading this:

So basically I just have 3 goals now wrt diet:
  1. get 2600-2700kcals a day
  2. eat 4-6 meals a day with 3-5hours between meals
  3. 5 clear urinations a day to ensure hydration

Once I get these points dialed down I'll see about added complexity.

cube of cheese 110kcal
handful of almonds 170kcal
2 glasses Wmilk 300kcal

3 large apples 300kcal
2 cubes of cheese 220kcal
glass of OJ 110kcal
2 cookies 130kcal

4 radishes
large apple 100kcal
1 cube of cheese 110kcal

I'm getting pretty tired, coughing a lot - I'll drink more OJ and sleep for awhile
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