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Sarah--things are thickening, but are they more jiggly?

If you are gaining strength faster, you're probably gaining muscle faster, so you're putting on more muscle--and prime areas for someone to put on muscle in a Crossfit-like program that utilizes a lot of core and lower-body movements are the glutes, upper legs, and abdominals.

Regarding the carb debate: there is a lot of conflicting nutrition science out there. The human population differs enough in insulin sensitivity that when you throw in the fact that many nutrition studies are stupidly designed and do not contain enough subjects, you get a whole lot of confounding factors that do not produce discernible, bedrock results.

The vast majority of the population eats too many carbs, especially refined. But how much is too much, and how little is too little, is dependent on genetics, activity levels, current and desired body composition, medical history, and a whole host of other factors I'm probably forgetting. Until some kind of test is developed that can determine an individual's exact metabolic and macronutrient needs we're resigned to trial-and-error. It's not a pat answer but it's better than anything else we can give.
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