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Rene Renteria
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Any updates? I'm trying to stick to my own "Starting Strength" program and am curious about your progress, especially in combining this with the WOD, which I'm not doing. My conditioning is going bad fast, but I find if I add a set of Tabatas at the end (I've been adding Tabata Sprawls occasionally or 8x70 yd. sprints) I feel wiped out for hours afterward. Maybe that's a good thing.

I've also started to hit a wall on power cleans, I think b/c my squats are starting to feel heavy for me. (I started pretty light and have been doing small increments; I could use the form practice and capacity work.) I'm not sure what to do about the cleans except to back down to my last good weight, stay there for a while, and work on my form (which isn't so hot), instead of dong the backoff that Rippetoe talks about in Practical Programming.

Also, I was wondering why you're doing 5x5 instead of 3x5 as SS calls for? B/c you're doing ME Black Box instead of SS itself?

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