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Derek Weaver
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Well said. The one thing I'd chip in with is that there is a fairly decent test that can be done... a glucose tolerance test. That's really the only way to really know where insulin sensitivity lies.

Most people have better insulin sensitivity than they think, they just sit around too much. I've grown to think that the issue is too much food and not enough doing anything.

If we were all rice farmers who had to work 15 hours per day in the fields with rice as our main food source with maybe a little chicken or fish to go with it.... I'd wager we'd all be just fine in terms of body comp etc. Likewise if we all walked all day stalking a kill while snacking on fruits and nuts along the way, we'd all be fine.

The key is move more, eat less.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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