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I'm home now, but here's my story.

So I get to Titusville last Saturday. We're getting on the Disney Wonder on Sunday, so no workout Saturday. Gotta spend some time with the in-laws. Before I left, I had managed to call Harbor Crossfit for a session on Friday night (February 27). The Melbourne Weightlifting Club has a site and I found it through the USAW. I was psyched. I packed all my stuff (shoes, straps, rehbands, etc.) into my workout bag and had my session all planned out. It's rare that I get to train with other olympic lifting ethusiasts so I get all anxious and stuff.

So we go on the cruise, I take my gym bad with me because the Wonder has a moderate facility with dumbells up to 65lbs and a slew of machines. I worked out two to three hours a day every day. It was kinda odd having "bodypart" days like I did, what seems like, eons ago. I had my gym bad with me. I put my Addistars on for one session - I did dumbell overhead squats and a bunch of drops which brought some odd looks from the older folk in the fitness area.

Again, I was giddy with anticipation of going to Harbor Crossfit for some serious lifting. Wife said I could go for "as long as" I "wanted." I had my spike energy drink, protein, shaker bottles, etc. waiting for at the in-laws for when I got off the boat. I had my shoes, rehbands, and straps with me. In hindsight I don't know what I was thinking bringing all that stuff with me, but I thought "what the hey, I could find a barbell in Nausau, you never know?"

Anyway, we pack our stuff up Wednesday Night to get off the boat on Thursday morning. My gym bag was included in with my stuff. Handed it to the porter. Had two name tags on it. It's an under armor baseball bat bag because I keep my axe handles in it that I take to the gym and swing between sets. And, yes, I had my axe handles in it for the entire trip (but I only swung it when I had the fitness area to myself 0n a few nights - mostly swung it on the balcony in our room for fear of scaring the locals). It also has that nice gym bag smell. You guys and gals know what I'm talking about; for anyone who has TK bands or rehbands that are stuffed into a gym bag post workout and then removed at home to "air out"; there are some remnants of nasty that leak over into the bag itself. Yeah, that's my bag.

Anyway, so I get off the boat on Thursday morning and all our bags are there, except my freaking gym bag. I was pissed. Wait. I was beyond pissed. I could have likely eaten someone's luggage I was so angry. I'm a pretty big dude that looks a little scary until he smiles; I didn't smile until about 4 hours after I went through customs. YOu could have fried an egg on my head. My thought was how in the blue hell could they have lost my stinky gym bag from the 8th floor of that ship to the 1000 feet where we picked up our luggage?

Anyway, after seven calls to Disney's lost and found, and over 36 hours later, Disney figured out my bag was with a happy family in New Hampshire. My guess is a porter got confused when some father through him a $50 to get "their bags" and he accidently threw my stinky black bat bag in with the families. It then somehow managed to get itself on a plane (and past the dogs, which must have turned away) and to New Hampshire. Hell, I didn't even know New Hampshire had a major airport. Every time I've flown that direction, I ended up in Boston and got a rental car. ..... I'm still sorta angry about it, can't ya tell?

I'm home now. Got home yesterday around 1:30 p.m. And I still don't have my gym bag. But it's suppossed to be at my office tomorrow morning. .....

ah... the saga of my stinky gym bag and my weightlifting paraphanalia. Oh, and I didn't get my workout at Harbor Crossfit. Instead I went to the Parrish Fitness complex and did power cleans with the slickest bar I've ever used and with absolutely no chalk. And I did those cleans, cleans and presses, front squats, and conventional deads in a new pair of "off the wall" low top vans that weren't too bad. But they were NOT addistars.

Perhaps next February, if all works out? We always take the same vacation. But next year, I'm getting more than one "possible" session.

all the best,
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