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Originally Posted by Catherine Imes View Post
I don't recommend the Perform Better Bells for the record. I'm just fair and balanced

I personally have never used them, but have friends who did and said they were the same.. What I have discovered through others is that the Perform better and AKC bells are from the same mfg. In fact, PB shipped (mistakenly I guess) painted bells with the AKC/WKC Logo on them

The AKC was running a 20% discount on their bells which would put them closer in line to the PB bells. Also, I'm not sure what sizes PB offers at this point. I thought they just went up to 24kg, but I could be wrong.

Basically, I don't blame anyone for shopping for a better deal. So, if you can get a better price with the PB brand, go for it. They are the same bell.


Thanks for the clarification. I'll have to check out the 20% off AKC bells. Might be worth a few extra dollars to get a bell with the handle already stripped of paint.
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