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Of course... we have the nice fact of using LSD running as the exercise...


During the whole period physical training was performed four times a week. Each training session lasted between 60 and 75 min, and exercise intensity, which was carefully controlled, was varied from 50 to 85% of maximal oxygen uptake. The training program consisted of four different protocols with exercise intervals varying in length and duration interspersed with breaks of active recovery. Training intensity was adjusted to changes in maximal oxygen uptake measured after 3.5 weeks of the training period. At every training session heart rate was monitored with a heart rate recorder and frequently pulmonary oxygen uptake was measured and the training intensity controlled directly.

The other thing I am concerned with is that if people have not been on high fat or low fat diets BEFORE the training (most people as you know are on low fat before) the adaptation period of 1-3 weeks is going to negatively affect both their workouts and body composition. I don't see anywhere where this is taken into account.

In any case, it's gonna depend on genetics what is optimal for people so... this study really doesn't matter much when it comes to the individual, heh. Actually, most of the nutrition studies are like this ironically.
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