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Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post

Not that your ordeal wasn't crappy, but can you imagine showing up to the world championships and finding that your bag with your shoes and belt were lost in transit? Kakhi Kakhiasvili had this happen to him one year, I think it was 1997, not sure though. But I have a vid of him training in flip flops, evidently he was forced to do his last couple of days training in the only shoes he had, sandals. That would be stressful. On the vid I believe he cleans and powerjerks 220 in the sandals. They did find his bag and get his shoes to him in time for the competition, which he won.

That would completely suck. I can relate as I've flown to comps in the past where my axes and saws didn't arrive until right before the event. I was sweating bullets. It's one of the reasons I normally try to drive to the events I compete in or ship things via Fedex to a predestined place in advance of the event................

Kahi was simply awesome. Unreal actually. The more footage I watch of him, the more inspired and the more in awe I become.

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