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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
I'm not exactly sure what axe handles look like, but simply going off the name and the swinging activity you described, I assume they resemble an axe in some way... and this guy got them through airport security? What the hell? We're getting lazy again.

My gym bag axe handles are actually pieces of american hickory that are approximately 30" long, 1" in diameter, by 1 and 3/4" wide. It weighs about a pound or a pound and a half.

A competiion axe with that handle weighs between 6 and 7 pounds.

Once I have a handle in an axe, I don't remove it unless the handle goes crooked or if it's broken or cracked. It's a bugger getting them in and out. My gym bag axe handles are ones i've broken in the past and have altered them (shortened one, and taped foam around the end of the other one) to use them at the gyms I train at.

I wouldn't dare try to bring a handle, let alone an axe, as a carry on. However, during a different time, my father travelled routinely with his axes in his carryon. He would simply place the axes in a duffel bag with the handes sticking out the top. He would carry them on the plane and place them in front of "seat in front" of him. No kidding. He carried his axes on the plane and put his clothes in the belly. He didn't trust the baggage handlers.

When I travel with my axes on planes, which isn't often, I have a aluminum box made specifically to encase the axes, that goes in the checked baggage.

Best lumberjack contestant story I've ever heard in the carryon luggage variety is when a good friend managed to get his hot saw tuner pipe in his carryon. Freakin thing looked like an enormous black bong that smelled of fumes/exhaust.

Note the two stories above were pre - 9/11/01.

All the best, Arden
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