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Heres an update

I went to a chiro on 6 Feb, and he did some small adjustments. He told me to take it easy as it would take time for my back to align in the new position.

Well, I ignored that advice and felt some lower back pain on the 9th Feb. I rested for a week and then came back on 16 Feb with reduced weights.

Working my way back up in 10kg jumps and its going okay so far. I have done these lighter workouts after the end of a metcon wod as I reckon I am nice and warmed up by then!

The good news is that I feel that the lighter weights allow me to focus on form and this will pay off in the long run.

5*5 or 3*3?

Mr Rippetoe talks about 5 being a good number to maintain good form. It also means I am starting the program with less weight than if I'd gone for 5*3 reps. This is probably better from a learing form point of view. I can also drop from 5 reps to 3 and still make progress with the program.

I started doing this with the deadlifts, and went from 5 reps down to 3 reps as 5 reps was to exhausting.

I like the results so far and am looking fwd to getting back into it in a week or so when I get back to my heaviest weights. I really like this program as its gives constant feedback.

The strength parts of the cf wod were too spread out to easily see progress, where as doing sets across give you feedback that day and can be compared to 3/4 days ago.

The good news is that I am getting stronger.

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