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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
Okay any information would be useful trainers fathers and especially mothers who have experience helping or attempting training while pregnant....

My immediate thoughts are limitations LISTEN TO YOUR BODY...

first trimester back off second trimester what feels good, and third....... yeah right!! I am sure working out is getting out of bed and up stairs at some point.

So in the second trimester when things are feeling good what movements are best I was thinking preparing for the on coming frontal loading, picking up and carrying of the baby, and somehow stretching the muscles while growth is occurring.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Dr. G? I know your wife recently went through this any observations?

Thanx for your attention and thoughts.
My wife did spinning class all the way through the second trimester. Only thing I would really advise against is deep heavy squats - of course every OBGYN will tell you that.

You need to be careful in the third trimester, walks are probably the best exercise there is during this time - the creation of relaxin by the body will cause women to get clumsy for good reason, they are about to put a watermelon through and egg-sized hole. After watching my wife go through the whole 40-week process, the third trimester is really the time to settle down and relax.

Nutrition is absolutely crucial during pregnancy even more so than during the time leading up or when not pregnant. The woman produces 50% more blood and a lot of energy goes into creating the cells for the baby. My wife ate a paleo diet and the doctors were amazed at her blood tests...of course I live in Mississippi and they are used to seeing overweight lazy women who down sugar all the time...

Last suggestion - be in the catcher's position for the birth, it is an amazing experience.
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