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Last time I hurt my shoulder I did a half assed diesel crew shoulder rehab protocol. Its on youtube, I'll probably do what I can of that w/ the equipment I have or try to come up w/ substitutes.

Some of the other elements I've been thinking of are:

Y,T,W,L's. I already do a bunch of scap wall slides at work throughout the day w/ some neck and trap stretching. Paying closer attention to my posture is going to be important because I sit at a desk all day.

Higher rep OH squat workouts which I did today. More metcon-ish/endurance work than strength training, but it got some blood moving through my upper back and shoulders. It made things feel a little better w/o aggravating anything.

KB snatches I haven't done for awhile, but I usually pop the kb up at the top to get it back down into my fingers, which might help a little too and I can get some endurance work in.

Pushups plus and maybe some scap pull ups. I have noticed my shoulder pain is less when I try to depress my scapulae when doing OH anything and in the rack position.

Any input would be good, because I haven't really though too much of this out, nor do I really know what I am doing. I think the biggest part is going to be rest and ice.
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